Sanctity of Human Life Resources

Each year in January, Options Pregnancy Clinic pauses to pray and reflect on the Sanctity of human Life.

Thanks to generous donations from members of the community, Options Pregnancy Clinic is able to provide FREE resources to all area churches. 

Call us at (417)336-5483 to request these free resources for your church. 


Sanctity of Human Life is an important issue to to discuss all year long. Feel free to use any of these resources any time of the year!

Video Resource

Call us today to get your copy of the video above to show in your church on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Free Prayer Bulletin Inserts

Contact us today to request double-sided, 5x7 glossy, professionally printed Prayer Guide bulletin inserts/handouts (pictured above) for your church, with prayer points on back. We already have them ready to go for your church.


Often, we have clients referred to us by a youth pastor, a Sunday School teacher, neighbor, or grandmother. Unplanned pregnancy can become a reality for all types of families, and those families then have a life and death decision to make. Are they prepared to make that decision? Options is here to help in that moment of crisis (and beyond).


Call us if you would like an Options Representative to briefly speak (2-3 Minutes) about any of the below information:

  • Simply share life scriptures and say thank you to your congregation 

  • Speak about the local needs and/or our ministry expansion in Forsyth 

  • Talk specifically about the mission of options and invite participation.

  • Promote abortion recovery support

  • Talk about options' presence in the schools teaching abstinence

  • Lead the congregation in prayer specifically for life issues


To learn more about life issues click on the links below:

Please Pray for:

• Options Pregnancy Clinic moms, dads, babies, volunteers, staff, and ministry.
• The preborn and their families
• Our nation’s families and marriages
• All involved in abortion and the end to abortion organizations
• Abortion wounded women and men, and our Abortion Recovery Programs
• Options Pregnancy Clinic’s service of Abortion Pill Reversal for mothers
• Our nation’s pastors and youth pastors teaching the sanctity of human life
• Life-affirming individuals and organizations across our nation and
around the world
• Our local, state, and national leaders