Options Prep U

  • Each week, our mentors meet with moms and dads to go over personalized pregnancy & parenting education in a fun, interesting, and practical way.

  • Mom and dad earn baby boutique gift cards by attending their weekly appointments and completing positive steps to improve their lives and prepare for a healthy baby. 

  • Baby boutique gift cards can be spent to get everything they will need for the baby. Items include cribs, carsseats, gently used baby and maternity clothing, diapers and wipes, toys, and much more!

  • Mom and Dad can attend these lessons until their baby's first birthday. 

Dad Prep U

  • Group Dad Prep classes are held weekly for 8 weeks at a time.

  • Each group class includes pizza, fellowship, and a lesson on what it means to be a great dad. 

What Our Moms and Dads Say


"Options has changed my life. I was pregnant and needing help. They helped me and make me feel like family every time I come in. This place makes you feel like you are one of their many daughters."